Ontera 70'

The flagship of Raffaelli Shipyard, incorporates the tradition of the Masters of the ax that, so painstaking, as always, take care of the smallest details, joined over the years by constant research applied to technology.
 The only model in the range that does not take its name from a wind. With a deliberate decision by Giampiero Raffaelli who sought inspiration from the wind has always blown with love for him: his father Renato. The result is an anagram which is fortunate, for Giampiero but also for all its employees, the connecting link between the past, present and future. That future that aboard Ontera is emerging, thanks to the magical evocations that arouse the style and care of even the smallest detail, as if he had put his Aladdin lamp available to the sea.

Meltemi 65'

Aficionados of Raffaelli know him as the “jewel of the sea.” With its large size best expresses the desire of long cruises in total comfort and safety. The interiors include 6 beds and the full beam master stateroom amidships, in addition to the two beds dedicated crew on the aft.
 Both decks, the main one and the one on the fly, to fully embrace the Raffaelli philosophy, aimed at creating boats equipped with simple but effective solutions and functionality, who prefer comfort and safety on board. The air intake in a “drop shape” as well as the water line inspired by the concept of “horse toppled” leave no room for compromise, just like the Meltemi wind typical of the Aegean Sea, which always leaves a mark, regardless of its intensity.

Compass Rose 50'

Another name, another myth. Compass Rose represents over 50 years of passion for the sea, the stories of the men and the professionals who created it with unconditional love.
 The ideal boat for the Owner who loves his boat and cruising the sea.
The compass Rose suggests that whatever the direction, the origin and the name of the wind, the important thing is being caressed without being dominated.
 The presence of an impressing fly allow to face cruises increasingly long and fascinating. The water lines and spaces inside, where to find an impressive light thanks to large windows, are the result of technological research and experience griffed Raffaelli.
 Compass Rose: always the excellence of the shipyard.

Calima 47'

A fly of 14 meters lenght to enjoy the sea in all its essence with large living areas, three cabins and two bathrooms. Sailing aboard Calima means amplify their emotions because in addition to the beauty of her shape, is the modern style and essential to wink to the most demanding tastes. The sharp lines of the fly and the hard top are combined with those of blanket generating uniformity of the whole. The use of aluminum and satin white oak for the interior are a hallmark, aimed at minimal elegance and never shouted. The rest is done by the outstanding quality of seakeeping and excellence in terms of safety.

Typhoon Sportage 42'

A name, a myth. One of the names that have marked the successful history of Raffaelli.
 An established name for a yacht completely new, not only referring to the project but also to the concept that there is enclosed.
 The Fly is designed as a private room, a living area overview, an oasis in itself. Having designed a single raised steering of the cockpit, to enable the visibility in navigation typically allowed to fly bridge boats, able to conceive the fly in this new role of total living space.
 So much living space inside where also a brilliant game of different levels has allowed the maximum use of spaces, for a total comfort of the Owner and his guests.

Shamal Evo 40'

The western wind which blows strongly during the day and weakly in the night on the Persian Gulf. This is an entry level yacht from Raffaelli Line that wants its shipowner to be able to manage it by himself. Shamal 40 Open combines high performances with comfort and safety thanks to a bottom joined to a propeller shaft. The final result is a fast cruiser. The features of the lower deck make this yacht unique in his sector while the concepts of “Evo” model are even more highlighted. Appreciating Shamal means to enter into a new dimension of boating, as a first step for new shipowners.

Kubang 57' HT

A 57′ which enforces through its lines very decided.
With its 17.50 meters long and 4.50 meters wide is the expression of a strong and recognizable sportsmanship, but never extreme. Sharp lines, a hard top that allows you to surf at 30 knots cruising speed without annoying noises, supported by cutting edge technology.
 The ability to customize this luxury yacht makes the Kubang HT becomes inimitable. His style and the beauty of its forms may have only a mirror able to stand a comparison: the sea!